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Partners In Purpose: Together We Grow!

The three-year PIP commitment phase has begun and the excitement is pretty contagious!  This Spirit Lead, Prayer Bathed, God-Honoring financial stewardship campaign will change our church and our lives forever.  PIP will enable LFBC to prepare for the future by retiring our remaining debt and preparing for Phase Two of our long-range building program. We know that the threat of dangerous weather prevented many LFBC’ers from returning to church on the evening of April 27th to hear those special PIP announcements.  Most have  gotten that information by now but for those who have not, we wanted to post them here. These are ‘rounded off’ totals and we do expect the totals to change as more PIP cards are turned in. PIP Pre-commitments - $162,476.00 Victory Sunday First Gifts - $14,746.00 Total PIP 3 Year Gifts & Pledges - $344,440.00 As always, the membership at LFBC has honored the call of her risen King.  Way To Go LFBC! More information will be posted in the coming days so check back often.  And remember the words of Buzz Lightyear (if he were real and WERE to ever become a member of LFBC)... ...To Partners In Purpose... AND BEYOND!